What's A Piazza?

Piazza is an Italian word meaning plaza. In cities and towns throughout Italy, there is at least one central open area, sometimes with the community fountain (a source of fresh water in Medieval and Roman times, and even today), a parking area (since there is always a lack of open space for parking in the city), and for open markets.

So, a piazza is a kind of gathering place, a place to meet friends, hang out, find great food, watch the world go by, debate why Mussolini was important for Italy's self image after World War I, or why Maryland crabs are not that expensive this year relative to the price of gasoline.

Famous Piazzas of Rome

Piazza Navona – great shopping such as the famous shop of Bottega Veneta

Campo dei Fiore – the wonderful open market in the center of Rome where you can find fresh foods, leather goods, and all sorts of items to buy – much like a flea market.

Piazza del Popolo – a huge piazza near the Spanish Steps that young people use for seeing and being seen.

Famous Piazzas in Maryland

Piazza of Easton – the Piazza Italian Market in TalbotTown Shopping Center