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Welcome to Our Store! (now with outdoor seating)

Piazza Italian Market is an Italian grocery store that sells fresh and packaged Italian products, as well as ready-to-eat Italian sandwiches and Panini, side salads and main dishes to take home for a meal. Our mission is to offer fresh, uniquely Italian food so that our customers can take home a little piece of Italy, find a source for the uniquely Italian ingredients, plan a trip to Italy, learn new things to cook from our recipes and cookbooks, or just sit down and enjoy a fresh Italian sandwich at a reasonable price. Our staff is trained to be knowledgeable about the ingredients we sell, and to be ready to offer advice on food and Italy. In other words, Piazza is a gathering place where you will feel welcome and can share your ideas about Italy.

Piazza Italian Market is a new concept for Italian grocery stores in the US. You've probably shopped at an Italian deli and certainly you've eaten at a typical Italian-American restaurant.

That's not us. Piazza Italian Market is a unique store where you can find the ingredients so easy to find in Italy, but often hard to find in the US. We are not a "red sauce" Italian deli with kitschy décor (not that there's anything wrong with that.) We're different. We want our customers to share our passion about very high quality Italian food, because the food of Italy is so diverse. Read More

We offer a broad range of foods and ingredients from all parts of Italy. We try to have a representative sampling of all the fundamental but unique ingredients of Italian cooking from the classic risotto of Northern Italy, to faro from Tuscany, to San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella of Campania, to ceci of Puglia, to neonati of Sicily. We sell fresh, dried, and frozen pasta, as well as several types of risotto. We sell hard to find cheeses from the Veneto, Piemonte, and Sicily. We sell more than one kind of capers and anchovies, each with its own use. We work with local farmers to grow the uniquely Italian fruits and vegetables, such as radicchio de Treviso, Costelluto tomatoes, and true Genovese basil. We know the difference between bici and bigoli, cinghiale and maiele, and coastal Tuscan olive oil versus Chianti Tuscan olive oil. We can help you pick an Italian wine for tonight's dinner, or a restaurant in Rome for your next trip. Upstairs we have limited seating where you can browse a magazine or enjoy your panini. In good weather, we have seating outside as well.

Come visit! Benvenuto a nostro negozio!