We have the ingredients you need to cook like an Italian at home. Capers and anchovies in salt? Yes. Oregano on the branch? Yes. Fennel pollen? Yes. Olive oil from Tuscany, Liguria, Sicily and the Veneto? Of course. Our years of expertise has informed our purchasing so you are getting the best selection of what you need.


We round out our offerings with sardines from Portugal, espelette pepper and sherry vinegar from Spain, mustard from Dijon and flaky salt from England and France. Plus we have wines, savory spreads, Italian rices, corn for polenta, Italian flours, tapenades, Italian tomatoes, vinegars, jams, nuts (two kinds of pine nuts, three or four kinds of almonds), caviars, chocolates, Italian bottled waters, and truffle potato chips (one from Spain and one from Italy). If you like to cook, come see us. If you don’t like to cook don’t worry, we already cooked for you.


Our deli case is the heart of the store. On any given day it is filled with at least 30 kinds of cheese, 4 kinds of prosciutti, speck, coppa, mortadella with pistachios, 2 kinds of paté and a variety of salami, both links and large format for slicing. Don’t be shy, we are happy to give you a sample.

We believe that within all of these ingredients contains the history of human culture. We retell this story every time we eat. Keep eating. We simply ask: crudo or cotto? Savage or civilized? Ancient or modern? Red or white? To go or for here? We are ready for your answer.


For nights when cooking is not conceivable and dining out seems like a chore, we have meals, sauces and sides to go. Our team cooks all manner of Italian foods for you to enjoy at home. We aim to balance seasonal specialties like risotto ai funghi with classics like chicken scaloppine with Marsala sauce. On Fridays in good weather we cook pizzas in our (outdoor) wood-fired oven. It sounds a little bit crazy but they re-heat quickly and beautifully at home.


In our kitchen on Aurora St., we aim to integrate natural and sustainable ingredients in our menus and currently work with these local companies; The Bay Mushrooms, Turnbridge Point, Chapel Country Creamery, Diamond Farms, Lyon Distilling, Rise Up Coffee, Stonehouse Farm, Bramble & Blossom, Cheesecake Girls, Federalsburg Brewing and Chesapeake Harvest. We avoid GMO ingredients as much as possible and only use extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil and grapeseed oil in our foods. Our kitchen is peanut-free.